Monday, December 13, 2010

So what have videogames taught me?

I also find it incredibly silly that anyone would STILL have the stance of "what could people POSSIBLY learn from videogames?" Okay, let's see if we can keep track of things videogames have taught me, or at least piqued my interest in.

Classic literature (the dialouge of Soul Reaver), latin (Ace Combat 5), opera (Ace Combat Zero), the paintings of Francis Bacon (Silent Hill), the collected works of Lewis Carrol (American McGee's Alice) Eastern Mythology and Philosophy (Street Fighter, see the Dragon/Tiger analogy of the relationship between Ryu and Sagat), Japanese Culture (Persona Series), Quantum Physics (Halo series), Military disciplines (Call of Duty franchise), conspiricy theories (Metal Gear Solid series), the music of David Bowie (Metal Gear Solid 3), electronica music (Wipeout series), Experimental noise music like the works of Lou Reed (Silent Hill series), Objectivism and the work of Ayn Rand (Bioshock)...I could go on, but I'm sure you don't have the time. Oh dear. What HAVE these WORTHLESS video games taught ANYONE?

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